Aaron Lucke

Journeyman Electrician
B.C. Field Safety Representative
Photovoltaic (PV) System Designer & Installer

Working as an electrician in British Columbia since 2004, I have had many opportunities to develop skills in a variety of industries. I have worked in high end residential homes, commercial and industrial applications, including installation of distribution systems with varying voltage/ampacity requirements, installation of PLC components with a mindset for discrete/analog wiring technologies, communication systems and am now focusing on renewable energy systems.

I began working on stand alone PV systems in the northern area of British Columbia where remote communication buildings had to relay important information to a monitoring station. This initial glimpse into the realm of renewable energy was very exciting and interesting. Since then I have taken multiple courses on PV design and system installation expanding my knowledge in the industry.

These additional courses have allowed me to learn about specific system requirements such as:

  1. Determining a customer’s total energy consumption
  2. Recommending effective ways to reduce energy consumption
  3. Sizing a battery bank based on the customers energy consumption
  4. Sizing a PV array based on the total Amp hours required
  5. Correctly sizing the inverter
  6. Completing site analysis and recommend a system which will perform as expected
  7. Completing installations which meet the Canadian Electrical Code

My goal is to create opportunities for home owners/businesses to reduce their energy consumption, carbon foot print and monthly power bill.