System Planning

  • Determine System Type
  • System Sizing
  • Site & Shade Analysis
  • Array Placement
  • Calculation of Array Production
  • Liason with the Local Utility Company

System Installation

  • Material Acquisition
  • BCSA Electrical Permit
  • Worksafe BC Insured
  • Installation of electrical equipment
  • Installed based on the Canadian Electrical Code

Commisioning & Support

  • Review of system installation
  • Documented Quality Assurance Program
  • Installation photographs
  • One-on-one customer training
  • Remote monitoring software of system
  • Continued support of system post installation


Photovoltaic System

  • Electricity when no utility available.
  • Electricity when cost of utility is prohibitive.
  • Independence from utility.
  • Smaller carbon footprint.



Photovoltaic System

with Battery Back-up
  • Offset energy consumed, sell excess to utility.
  • Battery back-up in the event of power outage.
  • Store energy during the day, eliminate peak billing.
  • Increase home resale value.
  • Carbon footprint reduction.



Photovoltaic System

  • Most affordable system type.
  • Store energy with utility for later use.
  • Sell to utility when generating excess energy.
  • Increased ROI and home resale value.
  • Carbon footprint reduction.


Professional Photovoltaic Consultation and Installation

East Kootenays to the Okanagan, we have solar potential!

Average sunshine hours per year.

(250) 428-1757

The Kootenay region has excellent solar potential.

If your interested in learning about the different system types, Fortis B.C. rate structures and the costs of an installed system, please get in touch.